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Macal-Energy Touch With Nature to Bring you Energy

Macal-Energy is a professional firm that seeks to provide one-stop services to your Solar requests.
We are committed to provide only the best quality of work and bring clients ease of mind upon engaging us.

A Light That Brings Power To All

Our Services include:


Solar and Electric Charger are specialised work that require intensive knowledge. Different project will have its unique design to optimise the output


We provide quality workforce to implement the installation of the solar system, which includes solar panels, inverter and monitoring app etc.


The rise of solar energy demands has led to higher acceptance of the already hyped electric vehicle. We provide solution to bring convenience of charging at your door- step.

Power Purchase Agreement

NO UPFRONT COST. Financial agreement is entered between our client and our investor, and client will get to enjoy a better than market rate of electricity tariff from the sale of electricity by our investor.


Solar System Projects

The benefits of solar system in residential and commercial comprises of cost savings, creating green and clean air, reliable permanent solution to replace limited fossil fuels and for company, a credential reputation for a role in the green evolution. Solar system and key components such as solar panel has evolved over centuries since 1839, solar technology has turned from a conceptual alternative to today’s most reliable and practical options for government, residential and commercial owner to play their part in the green and renewable environment. Solar panel being the key component to solar system efficiency and reliability, has gain its global recognition such as grading by Bloomberg with tier 1 as the top tier choice of solar panel. Solar system with the assuring warranty policy of 10 and 25 years from multiple solar panel companies has gained great confidence and popularity globally. In Singapore which has more than 670 Mwp solar system capacity installed till date, has increase multi tens of folds over the years. With today’s advanced solar panel technology, the cost has greatly reduced over the years to provide even more reason to install solar system in Singapore and Global.

Metal Roof

Concrete Roof


Professional Engineer approved structure to fit the panels safely and stable on different roof type.

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